💸 Airdrop Season

It's a happy new year for those whose bags have pumped and airdrops claimed

Hey happy new year 👋,

It’s been a crazy 21 days in crypto land since I last published. Almost everything of value has pumped, there are so many airdrops to chase and NFTs have come back in a big way.

I’m now 80% focussed on crypto again, with the remaining 20% on business to cashflow me through to when I start selling crypto assets in the first half of 2025.

The main story today is on all the latest airdrops I’m currently chasing/farming.

Richard (@richardpatey)


  • $HNS is up almost 2x since I wrote about it a month prior (Link)

  • $LFG announces first ever ETH to SOL token airdrop, given to users based on ETH gas paid (Link)

  • NFT lending protocol Sharkify announces $HARK token (Link)

  • $SEI rips 90% to $0.80 in last 7 days (Link)

  • Seiyans on SEI blockchain goes from free mint to $500 floor (Link)

  • If you’ve been staking $TIA (Celestia) you should be eligible for the $DYM airdrop. I’m getting some. (Link)

  • The .manta domain registration is live (Link). I bridged to Manta New Paradigm for the airdrop.

  • An NFT project gives equity in the parent company (Link)


Airdrop Season

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, I’ve been airdrop farming protocols on Solana:

But I’ve also been playing with other platforms such as Cosmos where I’ve been staking Celestia ($TIA), and the airdrops are starting to happen with $DYM announced yesterday (mentioned in the DAI Picks section):

And $SAGA literally just announced:

To qualify for future ones do this:

I’ve also been playing with Manta (also mentioned in DAI Picks) where TVL is approaching an insane $1B:

And I’ll be borrowing against some of my Solana NFTs for this one:

There is so much free money to farm, it can definitely be overwhelming. 

There is no better airdrop thread writer to leave you with than Miles:

Helio Powering Shopify

Helio, the leading web3 payments platform I featured in my Solana Breakpoint issue, announced that it is taking over operations of the Solana Pay plugin on Shopify.

Helio will be rolling out support for other currencies such as $SOL and even selling in $BONK, as well as token-gated shopping experiences and NFT loyalty programs.

Stijn Paumen, the Co-Founder & CEO of Helio, spoke at Breakpoint about their mission to accelerate the adoption of blockchain payments:

And now sponsors can pay me directly in crypto as I’ve set up my own Helio Pay Link - it’s a flat 10 $SOL rate for 20K impressions!


Permission To Speak Candidly, Sir

[If you’re a Star Trek TNG fan, you’ll know the reference in this title!]

Top domain broker and investor Andrew Rosener has been candidly continuing the discussion with Andy Booth about the value of .AI domains:

Andrew was recently on the Tim Ferris show and it was a super enlightening conversation about what it takes to be successful in any field:

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That’s it for this time, happy farming.


Richard (@richardpatey)

Disclaimer: Nothing in this email is financial advice and I am not a professional investment adviser. I send weekly updates on digital asset news and what I'm doing personally - consider it informational and for entertainment purposes only. There are affiliate/referral links to Solana protocols in this issue, please use them :)

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