I'm Launching a Community Marketplace

It's called Swwwap - come join the Skool community!

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Hey there 👋,

Digital Asset Investor is back with an announcement!

I’m partnering with long-time friend and entrepreneur Travis to build Swwwap.com - a different way to buy and sell digital assets.

The landscape of digital commerce is evolving. We’re moving away from the traditional model of lumping assets under the single banner of ‘online business’.

Instead, we're seeing the rise of individual assets (domains, websites, newsletters, communities, social media accounts) which can be acquired and stacked together:

Swwwap will launch as new payment option for trading digital assets.

In the meantime, I’ve just created a free Skool community where you can list assets for sale and make connections. [You may have seen I recently created my own paid community]

I successfully did this before on Facebook with the Flipping Websites group I built and sold (now over 22K members).

Skool now enables us to categorize and filter posts by asset class, reward top contributors, host classes, and run events.

Join the Digital Asset Marketplace community (it’s free).

Some of the deals already available inside:

  • A crypto newsletter with 3500 subs (yep, it’s mine)

  • An AI SaaS with 750 users and $1,160 TTM

  • A catchy 3 letter, one word .ai domain

  • A one word .xyz domain that is registered in 223 other extensions

  • A portfolio of targeted Micro/SaaS/Business/Asset domain names

Look forward to welcoming you in the community.


Richard (@richardpatey)

Disclaimer: Nothing in this email is financial advice and I am not a professional investment adviser. I send weekly updates on digital asset news and what I'm doing personally - consider it informational and for entertainment purposes only.

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