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I'm back with Digital Asset Investor to discuss my top ten all-time .gg domain sale, plus shorting NFTs

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Hey there 👋,

This newsletter is going back to its overall digital asset roots, and NFTs will be featured less as I feel that as an asset class it will underperform vs crypto over the next 18 months.

In today’s issue, I discuss my .gg domain sale, plus shorting and buying back my own NFT 24 hours later.


Richard (@richardpatey)


  • BlackRock files with SEC to create the “USD Institutional Digital Liquidity Fund” (Link)

  • Galaxy’s AUM grew 25% in Feb, fuelled by the growing institutional interest in digital assets, and has now exceeded $10B (Link)

  • Bitcoin ETFs have seen outflows over the last two days (Link)

  • Rug Radio with Decrypt announce their Content+ platform that rewards users with $TOKEN for engaging with content (Link)

  • The MASQ web3 privacy browser announces a partnership with Handshake domains (Link)

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If you’ve been with me when I was publishing Alts by Flippa, you may remember that I bought some .gg domains back in 2022:

In this post I wrote:

I’m pricing mine well, vs a quick flip, as my gut says that .gg will become more and more popular in the future

And one of them recently sold for $10K, making it a top ten all-time .gg sale on Namebio:

Generating an annualized ROI (when factoring in hold time) of over 800%:

Now I’m heading back to use my GoDaddy Discount Domain Club membership to reinvest into more!


NFTs have been getting crushed over the last month as the price of the underlying assets (ETH, SOL) have soared. This is an overall trend that I think will remain in place for the next 18 months:

But thanks to the top Solana marketplace Tensor, there is now a way to short NFTs with their Price Lock feature I wrote about in the thread here:

I was able to not only sell my Tensorian into a short price lock for over the floor price, but repurchase off the floor for 10 SOL less (before taker fees) the very next day:

Now I’m perfectly happy holding to the launch of the $TNSR token, which I think will arrive with a multibillion fully diluted market cap:


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