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Over the last week digital assets have fallen, whereas gold and silver have risen

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Hey there 👋,

Digital assets have not performed well over the last week, whereas gold and especially silver have been on a tear:

Not only has silver flipped Bitcoin again but so has Meta in terms of market cap:

It’s good practice to always have something in your portfolio going down as a hedge, but I’m starting to feel like I need the opposite! At least the $MSTR in my pension has been holding strong:


Richard (@richardpatey)


  • Crypto majors Bitcoin, Ethereum and Solana down 2%, 5% and 6% respectively over the last 7 days

  • Crypto VC Paradigm is raising $750M for a new fund, the crypto industry’s largest raise since the last cycle

  • The SEC is asking for public comment for Ethereum ETF proposals by Fidelity, Grayscale, and Bitwise

  • The U.S. Government moves a portion of Silk Road hack funds to Coinbase

  • Ripple to launch USD-backed stablecoin on Ethereum and XRP blockchains

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I had a call today with a subscriber (hi Danny) who was asking how to price domains. The best I could say was go to Namebio and search for comparables, but I’ve just seen this thread on NamePros which is super useful:

Most domain investors buy at auctions (wholesale) and aim to price up 10x to retail, so don’t feel pressured by brokers if you get a lead:


In this week’s Acquire The Web, Aurelie posted 18 new digital media asset listings across the major marketplaces:

As well as newsletter acquisition news:


This is typically the part of the cycle where Ethereum starts to outperform Bitcoin, but not this time.

Looking on the monthly chart, ETH vs BTC just broke its previous support from back in June 22, and the next support level is over 40% lower:

The only Ethereum I have this cycle is in a Lil Pudgy and on Blast where I’m farming protocols for points. I’m not holding any spot as that’s what Solana is for:


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