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Out of the 40+ deals on our community marketplace on Skool over the last week

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Hey there 👋,

Our community marketplace on Skool reached 100+ members in its first week, and we’ve had over 40 deals posted so far across websites, newsletters, domains and communities:

I feature 9 of the best deals below.

It’s also become a place for us to give away our expiring domains to the community! Travis, my co-founder at Swwwap.com (the platform we are building), is currently offering an urban dictionary one-word .com.


Richard (@richardpatey)


  • Atom (previously Squadhelp) shares top searched keywords (Link)

  • beehiiv launches pay what you want subscriptions (Link)

  • Case study of acquiring a paid 20K+ member community (Link)

  • Google’s June 2024 update to target link and content spam (Link)

  • Niche internet communities are in high demand:


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That’s it for this week, until next time, catch us in the community (come join - it’s free).



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